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Tart Words Make No Friends

A Spoonful of Honey Will Catch More Flies Than a Gallon of Vinegar

Hannah ♥
9 May 1988
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About Me
Important to Know...
My name is Hannah. I'm 23. I love my life.

I hate drama, and clowns. I graduated from Westside High School. I am currently attending college to achieve my dream of becoming a midwife.

I live with my fiancé, Joe. We have been together almost four years. He's 24 and amazing. We will be married in August!
I'm not religious.
I like Obama (so far).
I am not pro-life, but I am definitely not pro-choice either,
Every situation calls for a different decision.
I'm a Gleek.
I support gay marriage.
I consider myself gay,
Even though I'm with a man.
I read about a hundred books a year. I have a lot of free time at work. My favorite author is Jo Rowling, of the Harry Potter series. A distant second would be Jude Deveraux, who writes romance novels. I think the Twilight books are shit.

I love all genres of movies, but my favorites at the moment are The Boondock Saints and The Notebook.
The Los Angeles Dodgers are my baseball team, and the Nebraska Huskers are my college football team. I don't have a professional football favorite. I love watching sports with my boyfriend and drinking during the SuperBowl. And when the Dodgers win, it's a good day.

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Marriage is love.

Boondock Saints are Love.

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